Rail and Road Services

Rail & Road

A high quality transportation network is vital to any thriving economy. The surface transportation in a big way facilitates advancement in the economy and simultaneously the growth. Transworld Group with adequate investments on transportation infrastructure is keeping pace with demands and the growing needs of its customers for many decades.

Transworld Group, with an unrivalled presence in the national markets, provides customized solutions of surface transportation involving Rail & Road modes, which promote businesses to expand, manage the inventories and transport goods more efficiently as well as provide easier access a variety ofsuppliers and markets for their products.

The Group has contractual business associations with the world’s largest railway network, Indian Railways – CONCOR in India and ETIHAD Railways for covering the GCC markets. With a fleet of own transport equipments including reefer trucks, Transworld provides seamless, door-to-door, multi-modal transportation solutions to its customers, integrating the Road-Rail-Road routes efficiently

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